Wired Influence

'Under the influence' of technology

Humans have always been hardwired to influence one another but has technology shifted to become the more predominant force to influence us?

In my book, Wired Influence (yes, I’m writing my first published book!), I will explore this important question. Starting with how to understand our current relationship to technology, the influences it has on our choices, decision-making, emotions, and the reprogramming we need to regain our control over it.

We may not need to be ‘under the influence’ of substances like drugs or alcohol, to mirror the profound and addictive effects technology has on our neuro-psychology, relationship to others, and the digital impact we’ve left behind. Technologies are becoming more entangled in our lives, blurring the line of work and personal life, reinforcing addictive and impulsive behaviours, and influencing who we become. As a Millennial, I’ve felt unconscious for many years of the influence technology was having on my life until I reached my breaking point. I worked longer and longer hours, took fewer breaks, was more stressed out and anxious than ever, less productive, and eventually, burnt out! I love what technology does and can bring into my life if it is under my influence in the things I want to achieve. Running a technology company makes it hard to break away from it completely, but I can lead by example. If I can do it, so can you!

I’ve packaged dozens of books, digital detox courses, research papers, and key experts to understand the influence technology has on your life in order to better use and have it serve you. I have taken all of the recommended steps I cover in my book to re-establish my relationship with technology, create more concrete boundaries and be mindful of the time and its impacts.

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