The low-down

What you can expect from me and how I can provide more in return.

Mid-January already!? For those of you who participated in the 10-Day New Years challenge, do let me know what your experience of it was. If this exercise was helpful I’m considering more bite-sized 5 or 10-day challenges each month with a tried and tested practice that’s helped me. These challenges also help me say true to practising what I preach (my favourite, win-win)!

If you prefer to listen to the 10-Day New Years challenge or share them with someone else not subscribed check all 10 posted on Insight Timer. There are so many other incredible meditation teachers, musicians, yoga teachers and more. I highly recommend checking it out! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Ultimately, this newsletter is to offer value to you, so if it’s not most of your style, no problem let me know! I’ve got plenty more to share with you and write :)

For those who I heard from who want a bit more, here’s more of the low down. ResponsAbility, is my attempt to deconstruct different ways we can feel inspire and motivated to make small impacts in our daily lives. I’ll be writing bi-weekly every Sunday (unless I have something urgent to get off my chest) to package lessons I’ve learned, the people who’ve inspired me, recommendations, events and more.

I know the amass of problems these days, can feel overwhelming but it can and does change depending on where your focus goes.

I’m not going to pretend COVID-19 has been easy on anyone, but I know for me I’ve never had a year with so many breakthroughs. I was less distracted, I could see my blockers and issues more clearly, the people who were taking away more than adding to my life. This empowered me to become more curious about myself, find out ways I could make a difference on global issues and connect with more like-minded people who want to embrace and make the most of this time. If we can get through this challenge, what can’t we accomplish in years to come!? I want all of these to be bite-sized, (mostly) free and accessible means that doesn’t feel like another stressor or strain, but something that gives back to your life.

I’m excited for you to join along this journey!


P.S. If you want to learn a bit more about my story, I was recently a guest on the Ben & Tony podcast. I share more about my experiences of civil war, how travelling the world shaped my sense of responsibility and what small actions that I’ve taken throughout my life to help improve the planet, others lives and my own.

Do I sound like a broken record yet? Repetition is key!