Silent Extinction

Silent Extinction

I was an ex-pat child who grew up in Yemen and had to flee because of the 1994 civil war. This changed my life forever and made me into the person dedicate to using the privilege I was born into as a Canadian to make the world better by fighting for people’s right to be safe, healthy, and free. This has made me who I am today and fighting for justice, peace and advocating for those who may not have the same privilege and reach as I do. You can learn more about my story of Yemen in my TEDx talk ‘Equality By Design.’

Yemen is on the brink of extinction with one of the world’s humanitarian disasters compiled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions are dying and hurt by the ceaseless bomb raids, starvation, infectious disease and violence.

Compiled with that there is little counting of COVID19 with Yemen’s healthcare system collapse. According to John Hopkins, 27% of people in Yemen who get COVID-19 will die which is about 5x global average. An estimated 16M Yemeni people have no measures to protect or isolate. There are 10M without access to safe drinking water and soap. COVID-19 will remain disproportionately a disease of the poor and institutionally disenfranchised.

Whether by meeting you in person, through a friend or an algorithm that connected us here I take this opportunity to implore you to take action in whatever means you can by commenting, sharing or donating if you can.

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We need this time to be when we can witness the positive difference each of us can make for Yemen and all humanity.