New Years 10-day Challenge

Day 10: More No's for better Yeses

YOU’VE MADE IT! We’re on the last day of the New Years challenge.

Well done on sticking with these challenges. Have you seen what a big difference even small changes can bring to your life? It’s not over yet though!

Day 10: More No's for better Yeses

We have all said Yes to something then immediately regretted it. It can be hard when it's a friend, someone who is very persuasive or you feel you have no choice in the matter. Ultimately though, it is your time a non-renewable resource.

When you say Yes to one thing you wish you hadn't, you are saying No to others which could be a better use and value for your time. No’s could lead to more quality time with your family, a better job offer or more time for you to get clear on what you want.

Your challenge today is to say No to one thing. The more you practice No's the better chances you will get to the Yeses you really want!

If you've completed all these challenges to date and this has added value to your life, please share what’s changed for you and what you’ll continue to do.

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