Learn, practice and grow your abilities to be a better human.

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With great belief comes great "responsability". Learn, practice and grow your abilities to be a better human.

This is metta deep. Not only have I adapted the famous Spiderman quote but I’ve done it again to bring you a new term, responsability (stop with the red underline Substack I meant to write it like this).

These were the opening lines from my TEDx Equality By Design. Responsibility feels like an out-dated and much to adult word, but when I drilled into my psyche I feel like this sums a lot of me up. Responsability feels more modern-combining your abilities to make more conscious, practical and brave steps towards being a better person.

I’m Jillian Kowalchuk, a serial social entrepreneur who wants to solve meaningful problems while trying to grow myself, improve my relationships, the impacts I have on others and the world.

If you want to know even more, my friends call me the ‘Jill-of-all-trades.’ I have a BA in Psychology and MSc in Public Health. I’m an ex-pat child who grew up in Yemen then became addicted to travel, spending most of my 20s globe-trotting- living in 9 countries and visited over 50 more, while trying out different careers and the purpose to my life. I am now the Founder of a technology company called Safe & the City, Founder of Vegnostic, leadership coach and keynote speaker.

I’ve packed in quite a bit of living in so far and I want to package what I’ve learned to help you, learn how I can become better in serving you and ultimately become an exceptional human through the process.

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